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Precision Laser Cut Sheet Metal Fabrication

Unicorn Sheet Metal Works are the acknowledged experts in the manufacture of high precision sheet metal fabrication.

In an article of the partner pages of Unicorn Sheet Metal reveal the key to their success.

Unicorn Sheet Metal Ltd have consistently invested in the latest metal fabrication technology. In fact their first venture into laser cutting territory with the Trumpf Trumatic 3030 was so successful that they have now invested in a second Trumpf 3050 capable of processing metal plate up to 20mm thick with a bed capacity of 3000mm x 1500mm.

Unicorn Sheet Metal Ltd have also invested in digital ‘nesting’ technology to maximise output while minimising cost.

Laser cut sheet metal offers many advantages over traditional sheet metal fabrications. Not only does it give a more accurate finish with much less wastage but it is also quicker and very often much more cost effective. Laser cutting machines are also able to directly accept DXF files.

Unicorn Sheet Metal Works still utilise the complete range of traditional sheet metal fabrication techniques including guillotining, machining, drilling, tapping, folding, bending and MIG & TIG welding. A 120 tonne Press Brake machines folds tubing of up to 6mm plate in lengths of up to 3 metres and a Pearson guillotine is able to cleanly slice sheet metal up to 3050mm in length to a thickness of 6mm.

Unicorn works with clients in every area of industry including aviation, shipping, automotive construction and repair, air conditioning, ventilation and the manufacture of machine parts. Recent projects include the manufacture of decoiling umbilical units for deep sea oil and gas extraction and the construction of soundproof acoustic enclosures for high powered fans.

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Industrial Fume & Dust Extraction from Newgate Air Systems

Turn Key Air Conditioning friends and marketing partners Newgate Air Systems are a British company with an international reputation for industrial fume and dust extraction.

Fume extraction and dust collection is a key element of many industrial processes. Gas fumes can be harmful to the environment, and gas & dust pollutants are damaging to health. Dust and gas particulates are also a contaminant for the product being manufactured.

Newgate Air Systems work with local, national and European companies in many industries including vehicle manufacturing and repair, brewing and distilleries, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, aviation, shipping and the oil and gas  industries. Newgate Air Systems design, manufacture and install fume extraction and dust collection systems that meet all Health & Safety and clean air legislation.

Examples of recent projects include:

  • Welding fume extraction
  • Fume hoods and cupboards
  • Process fume extraction & ventilation
  • Oil mist extraction and combined oil & fume extraction
  • Paint spray booth, exhaust & filtration units
  • Dust blow off systems
  • Forge fume extraction
  • Woodworking dust extraction and collection

Newgate Air Systems has developed an expertise in combined fume extraction techniques. Many manufacturing methods produce a mixture of toxic fumes, gases, particles or other pollutants during the industrial process. Newgate Air Systems enjoys the challenge of developing multi-layered extraction techniques. Our clients know they can rely upon on us to design and install an efficient, cost effective clean air solution that is built to last.

Another challenge is in the design and manufacture of multipoint extraction systems. An example Newgate Air System’s work in this area is in the development of a multi point dust extraction system designed for a major distillery, removing explosive grain dust from eighteen different sections of the production process.

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Welcome to the Lease Air Conditioning Blog

Turn Key Air Conditioning are one of the leading lights in the design, installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems. TKAC have a strong history in the industry and one of the things we soon discovered – and something that has become more noticeable since the credit crunch – is the affect a lack of finance can have on a company’s business plans. Without credit and without finance many companies are forced to find compromises and cut corners, not quite creating the organisation and structure they had planned. And yet making savings in the short term can lead to greater costs in the long term.

Turn Key Air Conditioning work with architects, planning officials and building designers to create cost effective and energy efficient air conditioning systems. As a general rule it is cheaper and easier to incorporate air conditioning from the outset than to retro-fit at a later date. If a business knows that air conditioning is important to the success of the venture then it is a false economy to delay the decision. In a competitive market where attracting and keeping customers is the name of the game, air conditioning creates the right atmosphere in hotels and restaurants, shops, galleries and public buildings.

TKAC have teamed up with Meridian CHG Leasing to offer lease finance options for air conditioning. Lease finance has many benefits. Lease finance is tax effective and the whole cost of air conditioning, including maintenance, can be offset against tax. With lease purchase, air conditioning can take full advantage of Enhanced Capital Allowances. Lease finance allows the full cost of air conditioning, including design fees and architects costs, to be included, reducing capital expenditure at a time when cash flow can be critical. Lease finance arrangements bring in fixed costs, unaffected by interest rate fluctuation, and give businesses the opportunity to plan ahead.

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