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The Mercury is Rising!

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Most of us enjoy the sunshine, and love being out of doors during the summer, some chase the sun to other countries. We can never guarantee our changeable weather in the UK, but one thing that most experts agree on is that due to climate change, it will definitely get hotter! This may be good news to some, unless of course you’re stuck in a stuffy office or a traffic queue. That’s not all, a significant warming up could actually spell danger for those who are elderly or very young.

We can’t cope with extremes of weather in this country, and are generally used to a little too hot or a little too cold. When the weather is more dramatic, we see hose pipe bans and public transport disruption. When we experience heat waves, which is occurring more and more frequently, there are serious health considerations. In fact they can be fatal in some cases, as pointed out by a recent ministerial report. In the report, the government was urged to put measures in place that will prevent a rise in deaths caused by extremely hot weather. The findings state that deaths related to persistent heat could see a significant increase by 2050.

These actions include help and advice for home owners, hospitals, care homes and offices. Experts predict there is a high likelihood that air conditioners will become as common in the home as heating systems. This is seen as a positive step in preparation for a change in weather conditions. Friederike Otto, Deputy director at the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University, said “We will have to get used to these kinds of summers, There is no doubt that there is a link to climate change. We need to take heat waves seriously around the world as something that we need to adapt to.’

HVAC specialists like CSM Installations, can advise on the ideal air conditioning system for your needs, whether it’s for the office or your home. They have successfully completed a range of air conditioning projects. These include installations for luxury apartments, family homes, salons and a London underground station. Visit their website for more information.

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Fully Functioning HVAC Systems

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Whether it’s within your own home, or in commercial premises, maintaining a clean and well controlled environment is important for a number of reasons. A high functioning ventilation system is crucial for the health of everyone in the area, as well as limiting damage to the building itself.

Commercial properties of course need a more high performance ventilation solution, as for instance in a hotel kitchen, heat gets pretty intense and there is not much let up! The resulting heat, smoke and grease produced in a busy kitchen can have several negative effects.

Improving air quality is a major priority where large amounts of people frequent including hotels, airport lounges, stores etc. It is something most people will not be aware of until it malfunctions, and stale air makes its presence known. Stale air can arise from cooking smells, bathroom odours, and where the ventilation system is failing, dampness. This is an uncomfortable and undesirable way to live, let alone the risk of respiratory problems and bacteria transfer.

We all strive to live in a tightly sealed envelope these days, meaning a thermally efficient environment with no draughts. But there is then the issue of condensation, which can cause problems like mould growth and peeling wallpaper. Condensation can even encourage the beginnings of structural damage!

Mildew, mould and even mites thrive in high humidity surroundings, and in particular black mould is one to watch out for. Black mould can damage certain bodily functions such as respiratory systems, mental faculties and circulation. Humidity can also lead to eczema, damage to the nervous system and even cancer. Worryingly, a study in the UK found that new houses were being compliant when it came to insulation and airtightness, but were sadly lacking when it came to air flow and ventilation.

To find out about affordable HVAC systems call specialists Turn Key Air Conditioning on 0191 438 7410

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Purpose Built Refrigeration

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A fridge that stores medicines and vaccines needs to be exceptionally reliable in order to avoid wasted stock, which can be incredibly expensive. The temperature of these medical storage spaces must not deviate from the recommended minimum or maximum. If this occurs, stock will have to be dumped and possibly a new fridge ordered, meaning waiting time without proper refrigeration.

If the worst does happen, professionals can refer to a database of information at UK Medicines Information (UKMi) that is both published and unpublished from manufacturers, which lists medicines and vaccines that must be refrigerated. Medical professionals, pharmacists etc and those responsible for the storage of medicines can use this password protected online tool to discover which items of stock can be saved and which should be disposed of.

Products can become too warm or even freeze, and may have degraded to an unacceptable level in varying periods of time. In the event of a fridge breakdown, all contents should be quarantined, and inspected individually. Any that are potentially unsafe have to be disposed of in the appropriate manner. Don’t forget to log this kind of incident, along with your actions and outcomes.

To remain stable and guarantee effectiveness, medicines that need to be stored at 20C to 80C have to be kept constantly cold with no fluctuations. GPhC standards require regular monitoring and recording of the maximum and minimum temperatures of purpose built pharmaceutical fridges. Normal domestic fridges are inadequate for this type of specialist storage, as they are unable to retain the uniform temperatures needed.

Purpose built refrigeration has a temperature gauge which is calibrated, can be read from outside and is accurate to 0.50C. Most are lockable, and consist of an audio or visual alarm designed to alert staff in the event of a deviation in temperature.

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The Future is Green

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Mitsubishi Electric has always been at the forefront of technology, especially where a green solution was needed. Their latest breakthrough is no less of an accomplishment, as they launched the first viable refrigerant alternative. They announced a new range of products with the City Multi Hybrid VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow), which delivers all of the advantages of VRF air conditioning in R32 format. This innovation offers lower global warming potential [GWP] than other similar systems currently being used.

Product Marketing Manager for Mitsubishi’s air conditioning systems, Mark Grayston said “There have already been over 500 Hybrid VRF systems installed across Europe since we launched five years ago and we believe this R32 version will increase the market share for this unique VRF solution. Not only can Hybrid VRF help remove the need for leak detection, this R32 version delivers the low GWP benefits that customers are now searching for.”

While wishing to comply with government legislation regarding F-Gas reduction and control, the construction industry has faced challenges in delivering operationally efficient systems. An acceptable solution that has the required performance and ticks all the boxes, has been difficult to formulate until now. The newly adopted refrigerant R32 has an extremely reduced GWP of 675, which is two thirds less than R410A with a GWP of 2,088. Plus, up until now, air conditioning manufacturers have been unable to introduce a solution for large VRF systems within the UK.

Mark Grayston added “We already have split air conditioning models on R32 and have introduced Hybrid VRF so that customers have a complete range of R32 solutions regardless of the building or situation. Coupled with this is the rapid price rises of R410A month by month which places a strain on traditional VRF systems so we want to ensure that both customers and installers not only have an alternative, but also get the added benefit of increased performance and advanced controls.”

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Regeneration signals big changes for Barnet

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Barnet council are getting new offices covering 90,000 square feet which will reportedly save £1 million per year on running costs. The new offices based on Bristol Avenue, will place the council at the centre of one of it’s flagship regeneration areas. Locals can expect major infrastructure improvements, better transport links, a brand new college campus, replacement library, community and children’s activity centre and community health facilities.

A growth and regeneration programme for Barnet is set to bring in over £11 million in income by 2025, to be used for frontline services. There will also be a one off income of £50 million by the end of the decade to invest on infrastructure. The council has developed a strategy which will ensure that workers are more accessible to the residents they serve, while keeping them safe and effective.

Barnet is determined to become the best place in London for small businesses, and to this end their new building will include a business hub for local start ups, located on the ground floor. Plans include a family friendly hub, with a family services office along with suitable facilities to be used when meeting with children and families.

This is just one of the exciting projects on the cards for Barnet, as there are plans for the construction of housing, new schools, plus leisure and community centres. The various major projects will cost around £150 million, and are a requirement due to Barnet’s large and increasing population.

Building projects in Barnet whether substantial or relatively small need to use high quality heavy plant machinery from companies such as Rhino Plant Hire. Their machinery and equipment is sourced from some of the biggest names in the business like Bobcat, Thwaites and Kubota. Dependable and reliable machines make sure that your job is completed on time and within budget. Call the team at Rhino on 01277 372 626.

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Should You Skip Your HVAC System?

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image by Sue GordonIt is a fact that the budget for many building projects often has to be reassessed, and where there is a chance that the scheme will run over budget, cuts are usually inevitable. Something which is frequently cropped from the original plan is the air conditioning system, as it is deemed pricey and can, at a push, be excluded.

According to The Carbon Trust, good air conditioning and ventilation is essential for a number of reasons which relate to both health of occupants and protection of the building it is installed in. Governments and health organisations worldwide have pledged to tackle the growing problem of inferior air quality, and those who have researched the problem confirm the need for efficient and highly functional heating, ventilation and air conditioning [HVAC] systems. High performance systems of this kind go a long way towards providing an energy efficient solution while reducing expense and the carbon footprint of any buildings featuring these HVAC installations.

Technically advanced HVAC thermostats and controls are seen as the way to progress and Home Energy Management Systems [HEMS] represent a smart solution. These software systems use cloud computing, data analytics and device interconnectivity to give excellent performance and save money. Improved controls such as smart sensors, meters, thermostats and lighting controllers are responsible for the popularity of these systems. They are also the reason that many countries are introducing legislation to promote HEMS as a priority.

There is little doubt that air conditioning systems are a wise addition and should be incorporated into any new build or refurbishment, but what about that budget?

It is possible for business owners and organisations to spread the cost of their heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems by taking advantage of lease finance. Turn Key Air Conditioning Ltd, offer 100% tax efficient purchase of HVAC systems. You can offset both the capital and interest of your system against tax for the whole period of the lease, with the payments deducted as a trading expense. On completion of the contract, the equipment is transferred to the client for a nominal fee.

For more information call Turn Key Air Conditioning on 0191 438 7410.


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Cost Effective Green Heating Solutions

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image by Caroline

As people everywhere are waking up to the concept of free energy with air source heat pump technology, we explore the advantages. These low carbon, energy efficient systems are steadily replacing traditional fuel sources such as solid fuel, gas and oil boilers. Installing one of these units means that your fuel bills will diminish, as will your home’s carbon emissions. You wont have to worry about fuel deliveries if you currently use oil, LPG or solid fuel, and you wont need a flue, ventilation or a gas supply. Air Source Heat Pumps take just a few days to install, are up to 3 times more efficient than an oil boiler, and are supported by the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Energy Efficient Heating and Hot Water

ASHPs work in a similar way to Air Conditioning Units only in reverse, extracting heat from outdoors, and converting it into heat for your heating system, hot water tank, radiators and underfloor heating. They are ideal for homes which have some space outside, and are well insulated. A certain level of insulation within the home must be reached, in order to receive government payments too.

Renewable Heat Incentive

The systems use a little electricity to run, but benefits are seen regarding fuel cost reduction where solid fuel, oil, LPG, electricity and sometimes gas are used. They produce significantly more energy than they use, making them a cost efficient, environmentally friendly heating solution.
Due to their status as a renewable energy source, ASHP’s are eligible for a number of tax benefits and government grant schemes. Homes with this type of green technology, can apply for support from the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme (domestic RHI). If you are in a rental property, you are best to check with your landlord before installing an air source heat pump.
Air source heat pumps demonstrate exceptional performance, and will function even when the temperature outside falls to -10°C. They are increasingly being incorporated in new build properties, as there are now strict rules of compliance in place when it comes to renewable energy. SJB Mechanical & Building Services Ltd, are specialists in the installation, servicing and maintenance of air source heat pumps for customers in and around Essex. They can advise on all of your ASHP, plumbing, heating and air conditioning needs.

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Custom Dust and Fume Extraction and Control Products and Services

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nasEffective dust and fume extraction are essential within any work environment which produces dust and fumes such as the automotive industry, processing plants, the pharmaceutical sector and offshore environments. As airborne dust and fumes can have a detrimental effect on health, it is a legal requirement for employers to put in place a functional filtration system. The collection and eradication of dust can also prolong the life of any machinery which is regularly exposed to waste dust and debris.

Our web promotion partners Newgate Air Systems UK Ltd, offer a bespoke service for each customer, providing efficient and functional dust and fume extraction. They have developed their filtration products and services to answer every customer need, and serve as a one stop shop. Their extensive knowledge and experience within the industry puts them in an excellent position when dealing with all types of dust and fume extraction units and equipment. Their services include consultation, design, manufacture, installation, servicing and maintenance. Customers will find a vast choice of high quality filters, cartridges and gauges for all types of extraction equipment throughout the UK and Europe.

Newgate Air Systems have a first class consultancy service available, and can identify and solve any potential or ongoing system problems. Their engineers and technicians undergo comprehensive training in all aspects of filtration systems. These specialists are able to offer advice and recommendations on a host of products and applications. They are dedicated to providing an exceptional, tailored service incorporating consultancy, investigation and design.
This consultancy service comprises of exceptionally accurate measurements and calculations for a functional and HSE compliant result.

Local Exhaust Ventilation [LEV] tests are also one of the services offered by Newgate Air Systems, and are mandatory wherever this type of machinery exists. Complete examination of all parts including ducts, hoods and filters is delivered, and an assessment of technical performance and effectiveness is carried out. These measures will identify troublesome areas which can then be rectified.

Properly functioning filters are an essential aspect of any dust and fume extraction system, and a large range of high quality filters from major manufacturers can be found at Newgate Air Systems. Filters keep your systems working efficiently, and as with all of their products and services, customers can be sure of highly competitive prices.

Call Newgate Air Systems to arrange your FREE site survey on 0191 262 3015

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High Quality Metal Cutting and Fabrication Specialists

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TRUMPF3050The process of metal fabrication traditionally involved milling, machining and guillotining, all methods which were often time consuming, less precise and not so cost effective. The search for an efficient alternative gave rise to the discovery of laser cutting technology. Utilising lasers to cut metal has changed the face of sheet metal fabrication. Exceptionally precise, this form of metal cutting has affected metal component production across the board. Applications are limitless and include vehicle parts, metal signs and lettering, machinery, equipment, doors and steel desks.

Our web promotion partners Unicorn Sheet Metal Works, are highly skilled in laser cutting, waterjet cutting and all other forms of metal fabrication. Unicorn have an enviable reputation in the industry and pride themselves on providing an expertly tailored solution for each customer. With a finger on the pulse awareness of current developments within the area of metal fabrication, and 30 years experience, Unicorn invest in only the highest performing technology around. This is demonstrated by their acquisition of machinery such as the TRUMPF laser cutting machine. This innovative cutting equipment is widely preferred for applications and end users demanding exact specifications such as for example the medical and manufacturing sector. TRUMPF laser cutting machines are outstandingly accurate and perform sheet metal punching, bending, forming and laser processing.

Unicorn Sheet Metal Works, are British Standard Code Welders offering expert mig and tig welding of aluminium and mild and stainless steel. They are proud to provide their excellent services to clients like the merchant and Royal Navy, the military, aviation and the oil and automotive industries.

The high quality range Unimatic dust collection units, demonstrates their expertise, along with their commitment to an extremely fast turn around on bespoke products. Most companies offering a similar service, quote 12 weeks for a custom product whereas Unicorn can offer a turn around of 4 to 6 weeks on their dust extraction units! Quality, functionality, reliability and a versatile dust extraction solution describe these products to a tee.

Call Unicorn Sheet Metal Works on 0191 262 2882

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Plumbers and Heating Engineers in London … and Essex

Everyone has a list of useful telephone numbers. It might be an address book or more likely these days the ‘contacts’ pages of the mobile phone. For most people these numbers will include their GP surgery, car breakdown service, hairdresser and – in many instances – the local pizza delivery place. If you live in London or Essex here’s another useful number – 01277 823648. It belongs to SJB Mechanical & Building Services Ltd. They are plumbers and heating engineers and they work with domestic and commercial customers in the south east of England.

SJB Mechanical is a name you can trust. They are:

  • Gas Safe Registered Engineers – Reg. No. 231342
  • Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineers – Reg. No. 65653
  • Building Services Engineers – Reg. No. 1071171
  • Refcom (Air Conditioning) Installers – Reg. No. 1008463
  • City & Guilds Qualified Mechanical Engineers
  • F-Gas Registered Engineers

SJB is a family run business with years of experience in the industry. Their clients include the Hilton Hotel, the American Embassy, and the Church of England … (other denominations are available).

One of the wonderful things about SJB Mechanical & Building Services is that they can turn their expertise in any direction that involves plumbing and heating. From the installation of air conditioning to the maintenance of domestic boilers SJB have it covered. They can fit underfloor heating into new build projects or retrofit underfloor heating as part of a refurbishment project.

SJB are at the forefront of renewable energy heating systems, regularly installing air source heat pumps, solar powered heating systems or combined monobloc heating systems for multi occupancy buildings.

While prevention is better than cure – and SJB carry out routine maintenance work on heating, air conditioning and plumbing systems across London and Essex – they are also there for the little emergencies … like water coming through the ceiling or the boiler not working.

Put the number in your book: SJB Mechanical & Building Services – 01277 823648 – or visit them at

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