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Energy Efficient Home Improvements – Air Source Heat Pumps

Multi Building Services Ltd have over 30 years experience of renovating, refurbishing, extending and building new homes in Essex. They are a concept to completion builder with all the skills available in-house. Expert bricklayers, plasterers, electricians and plumbers are always on hand so there is never the need for expensive subcontractors and all the advantages of knowing that every project will progress on schedule.

Wherever possible, Multi Building Services use traditional materials, locally sourced, but they are quick to incorporate the latest technologies to create the perfect home.

With ever-rising energy costs, home insulation has always been high on the agenda. Multi Building Services integrate loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and energy-saving features into extensions, refurbishments and new build projects.

Multi Building Services are now at the forefront of installing the latest air source heat pumps. The installation of an air source heat pump makes significant savings on home heating bills while cutting down on the carbon footprint.

Air source heat pumps use heat exchange technology to extract low grade heat from outside air, converting it to usable heat energy inside the home. Air source heat pumps provide hot water and central heating throughout the year. Even in the depths of winter, energy efficient air source heat pumps provide 60C water even when the air temperature outside is below -10C.

Perhaps the most extraordinary aspect of the eco heat systems installed by Multi Building Services is the fact that they provide more than three times as much energy as they use. Samsung Monoloc Air Source Heat Pumps have a Seasonal Coeffiecient of Performance (SCoP) of 3.5.

Multi Building Services Ltd carry out the installation of air source heat pumps as part of renovation projects, building conversion, new builds and refurbishments. The are also able to install air source heat pumps for homeowners looking to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

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Energy Efficient Home Improvements – Air Source Heat Pumps

Ban on R22 Refrigerants Begins on 1st January 2015

From the 1st January 2015 the use of R22 refrigerants in Air Conditioning Systems will be banned under EU legislation. The EU Ozone Regulation (EU/1005/2009) extends the obligation to to reduce harmful hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC’s) agreed under the Montreal Protocol.

Many businesses have already taken the appropriate measures to replace damaging R22 refrigerants but for those who have yet to act, time is running out.

Turn Key Air Conditioning Partners, Mitsubishi Electric give clear advice on the choices for companies still using R22 HCFC’s.

  • Option One: Do nothing and risk the exposure of site shutdown and/or fines.
  • Option Two: Plan a considered and costed strategy to replace outlawed refrigerants.

It is not all bad news, however. The simple fact is that since the introduction of air conditioning systems using R22 refrigerants back in the early 1990’s there have been great leaps forward in air conditioning technology. Replacement coolants such as R410A are considerably more efficient than existing HCFC’s bringing an immediate cost saving in energy bills. Even without the change in legislation, many existing R22 air conditioning systems are approaching the end of their natural life and would need replacing as a matter of course.

UK Air Conditioning specialists TKAC work closely with their customers to create the most cost effective and energy efficient solution. The three main choices are:

  1. Use a drop-in refrigerant to replace the existing R22. In the short term this can appear to be the cheaper alternative.
  2. Replace the entire air conditioning system including pipework, control and power wiring.
  3. Replace only the indoor and outdoor units.

TKAC are skilled and experienced in the use of drop-in refrigerants as well as full and partial system replacements.

The advantage of lease hire finance for air conditioning means it is possible for companies to take a long term view of their energy costs as well as their heating and air conditioning needs.

The latest air heat inversion technology provides heating and air conditioning that uses the same system. Heat exchange systems have a Coefficient of Performance (CoP) that creates around four times more heat energy than they use. This brings enormous savings in energy bills and complete climate control in the working environment whatever the weather.

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Ban on R22 Refrigerants Begins on 1st January 2015

Environmentally Friendly Air Conditioning – R22 Replacement

Turn Key Air Conditioning is one of the UK’s leading air conditioning & heating design, installation and maintenance specialists. TKAC work with with industrial, commercial and public organisations providing energy efficient air conditioning and heating systems using the latest innovations in environmentally friendly technology.

R22 refrigerants (chlorodifluoromethane or difluoromonochloromethane) are types of gases known as hydrochlorofluorocarbons – or HCFC’s. HCFC’s were introduced in the 1990’s as an alternative to the ozone-depleting CFC gases that had previously been used in refrigeration systems. Although HCFC’s were an improvement on the CFC’s, over time and used in large quantities they are still harmful to the environment. In 2010, the EU along with many developed nations, banned the use of HCFC’s such as R22 in new air conditioning and refrigeration systems with a view to replacing all existing R22 air conditioning units by 2015.

With the 2015 deadline fast approaching, TKAC continue to work with many existing and new clients in the replacement of R22 with environmentally friendly and energy efficient R410A refrigerants.

TK Air Conditioning use Replace Technology from Mitsubishi Electric for several important reasons.

With Replace Technology all the existing air conditioning pipework, electrical and communication systems remain in place and only the outdoor and indoor air conditioning cassettes need to be replaced. This reduces costs and minimises unnecessary disruption. Even with a large scale air conditioning system this can usually be done over a quiet weekend.

The outdoor VRF units have an integrated flushing function which enables the R410A to flush out all of the mineral oil residue from the old system. After the thorough flush through, the system will recommence operation easily and efficiently.

Replace Technology can be used for air conditioning systems made by other manufacturers enabling such systems to be replaced with the highly efficient Mitsubishi Electric units.

By adding a Mitsubishi Electric Inverter, R410A refrigerants can also be used for heating as well as air conditioning and with an energy efficiency rating of ‘A’, replacing R22 with environmentally friendly R410A can bring savings of around 50% on energy costs.

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Environmentally Friendly Air Conditioning – R22 Replacement

Energy Efficient Heating – Renovations and Self Build Homes

There are a number of challenges facing home owners all over the UK and in the south east of England particularly. Rising gas and electricity prices make energy efficiency in the home a priority everywhere while housing shortages in London and the surrounding areas make moving home a very expensive business.

Essex based Multi Building Services Ltd enjoy a challenge and have helped countless families create the home of their dreams.

Multi Building Services are the complete building team. With NICEIC qualified electricians, gas safe registered plumbers & heating engineers and tradesmen and craftsmen of every description, Multi Building Services carry out extensions, conversions, renovations and refurbishments. From installing a new kitchen or bathroom to adding a whole new suite of rooms, Multi Building Services extend and enhance allowing people to remain in their homes as their family grows.

Multi Building Services are skilled and experienced in the construction of self build homes. More common on the continent than the UK, self build homes give the opportunity for originality in design and construction. Multi Building Services are there every step of the way from finding the right architect and gaining planning permission to overseeing the entire construction project without the need for expensive and time consuming subcontractors.

When it comes to energy efficiency, Multi Building Services are ahead of the game. The latest home insulation products and methods are incorporated into all new build and home refurbishment projects. And taking it one step further, Multi Building Services are accredited installers of air source heat pumps. Air source heat pumps are a technological innovation that converts latent heat energy in the surrounding air into usable heat energy for the home. Air source heat pumps reduce heating bills and protect the environment.

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Energy Efficient Heating – Renovations and Self Build Homes

Cost Effective Air Conditioning Design & Installation for Hotels

Turn Key Air Conditioning create air conditioning and heating systems for every environment. From shopping malls to airports, TKAC provide innovative, energy efficient and low cost solutions to temperature control.

From a design and installation perspective, one of the most challenging and demanding markets is the hotel and leisure sector. And it is here where Turn Key Air Conditioning are able to demonstrate their skills to the greatest extent.

TKAC work with some of the biggest hotels, hotel chains and leisure groups in the world, including Crown Plaza Hotels and Premier Inn.

Utilising the very latest in air conditioning technology, Turn Key AC regularly use the Melcotel control system for air conditioning and heating systems in hotels. Melcotel is a programmable logic controller and has been developed by Mitsubishi for the hotel market. Amongst the many design features of the Melcotel system is the ability for guests to finely control the temperature in each and every room. Sensors in the thermostatic control unit automatically restore the temperature to the most energy efficient setting when the room is unoccupied and turn off the air conditioning in the room when a window is opened.

Combined with VRF heat recovery systems, Mitsubishi’s Melcotel system makes a significant saving to energy bills and fuel efficiency.

Turn Key AC design and install air conditioning and heating systems that provide total temperature control in every area of the hotel including reception and foyer areas, restaurants, bars, conference rooms, gyms and leisure facilities.

Offsite manufacturing techniques developed by Turn Key mean that up to 80% of the installation process is carried out away from the hotel, minimising disruption and allowing air conditioning and heat recovery systems to be installed without affecting the day to day operation of the hotel.

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Cost Effective Air Conditioning Design & Installation for Hotels

A Cheap, Secure & Dry Storage Solution

Self Storage Units- Low Price, Secure & Dry Buildings & Containers, Gateshead & Newcastle


If you find yourself in need of somewhere to store your treasured belongings for whatever reason, in Gateshead, Blayden, Killingworth, Ponteland, Longbenton,Whitley Bay, North Shields or Newcastle, we know just the place! Our web promotion partners Newcastle Self Storage have an excellent range of low priced storage units and containers, with unlimited 24 hour access. A customer focused, quality service is provided by Newcastle Self Storage, who strive to make their customers self storage experience a smooth and hassle free one.

Rental terms are highly flexible and long or short hires can be adjusted at short notice for maximum convenience. This is particularly helpful when urgently needing temporary storage in the case of home move hiccups, were circumstances can change rapidly. A container measuring 160 sq ft, can be hired from Newcastle Self Storage, at an incredible £12 per week. This includes state of the art security with CCTV, electronically controlled gates and an 8ft perimeter wall for extreme peace of mind.

Cheap Storage units from Newcastle Self Storage, are designed and built to withstand the ravages of salt water storm conditions during ocean voyages, meaning there is no risk of your possessions becoming damp or musty. Safe, secure and dry self storage units come with use of pallet trucks, trolleys, fork lift service and of course expert advice from Newcastle Self Storage.

Self storage is the perfect solution to problems such as how to protect furniture, upholstery and electronic equipment when painting and decorating the home or office in Gateshead and Newcastle. Simply transfer these items into a storage container for however long you need to, with advantages like not having to negotiate ladders and paint tins to reach tricky areas. Loading your things into your storage unit is simple and fast, as there is no need to report to reception, just drive your vehicle right up to the storage container.

Offices and businesses find self storage units a savior, when stock outgrows its premises, and a safe, practical and affordable answer is sought. Ideal for reps requiring a place to store samples, eBay traders, students, landlords, hobbyists and anybody needing a space to store something in the Gateshead and Newcastle area.

Newcastle Self Storage, offer highly maintained, cheap builders lock-ups, extremely popular with plumbers, plasterers, electricians, painter/decorators, roofers and stained glass producers. Self employed tradespeople, cautious about leaving expensive tools in their vans overnight, often rent these self storage containers to ensure that their business presents a reliable face to its customers.

Low Priced, Secure, Dry, Self Storage Lock-Ups & Containers with Flexible Short or Long Term Hire, for Furniture, Office Equipment, Gateshead & Newcastle.

Air Conditioning Installation & Offsite Manufacturing

Turn Key Air Conditioning are one of the UK’s most trusted companies for the design, manufacture and installation of air conditioning and heat recovery systems. TKAC combine technological innovation, skilled engineering and design brilliance to create air conditioning, heat and ventilation systems that are tailored to the needs of every client. With customers in every sector of the economy, including shopping centres, airports and public buildings, TK Air Conditioning have the experience and expertise that matters.

A recent project saw TKAC design, manufacture and install a new temperature control system for the Premier Inn Hotel at London’s Kings Cross St Pancras. This is a 276 bedroom hotel with restaurants and conference facilities. Part of the design brief was develop a systems that could be installed with the minimum disruption to their guests.

Turn Key work with all the major air conditioning equipment suppliers and for this project they decided upon a Mitsubishi Electric high efficiency heat recovery Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air conditioning system. The VRF system connects a modular external condensing unit with an inverter to allow the flow of refrigerant to be controlled in response to the changing requirements for heating or cooling, reducing energy use and lowering running costs. The system is operated by Mitsubishi’s centralised Melcotel™ controller which is specifically designed for the hotel sector. Sensors in the system detect when a room is occupied or empty and adjust the temperature to maximise efficiency.

The whole heat exchange system was manufactured off site on two ‘plug and play’ skids. These were craned into position on the hotel roof before the units were connected to electricity and water supplies. In the event, the entire operation was carried out in several hours one quiet Sunday morning without disturbing a single guest.

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Timber Sheds, Metal Sheds and Garden Storage Products

SM Garden Sheds is one of the UK’s leading on-line retailers of garden storage products.

When most people think of garden storage they think of traditional wooden garden sheds. And why not. Apex roofed timber garden sheds have survived the test of time. They are a universal and versatile utility shed  for storing all manner of gardening tools and outdoor equipment. SM Garden Sheds love the timber garden shed so much they offer a fantastic choice available in every size you could wish.

The traditional timber shed has its place but what about a safe and secure metal garden sheds. Metal garden sheds are precision engineered and come with integrated security features. Metal garden sheds from SM Garden Sheds come with 10, 15 or 20 year manufacturer’s warranties. Made for hot dipped galvanised steel these sturdy  products will not rust and come in a range of sizes and designs.

Or why not choose a heavy duty plastic garden shed. Heavy duty plastic garden sheds are strong and robust to handle everything the Great British weather – and the Great British gardener – can throw at them. Available in a range of natural colours, plastic garden sheds look great in any garden.

Of course, sheds are fine as sheds go but if you want a garage, SM Garden Sheds have a great range of timber, metal and heavy duty plastic garages, again in a choice of styles and sizes. And there are greenhouses, glasshouses, workshops, summer rooms, log cabins and hobby rooms. Finely crafted garden buildings; warm, light and airy with a choice of delightful features.

SM Garden Sheds supply bike stores, log stores, gas stores, cushion boxes, kennels and all manner of garden seating, gazebos and garden accessories.

For more information on all the great products on offer take a look at the SM Garden Shed article on our website or visit them at

Lease Finance Arrangements For New Build Commercial Properties

Anybody who reads the papers or watches the news can’t fail to notice two competing views of the UK in 2013.

On the one hand we are told the UK is becoming a nation of entrepreneurs. New businesses are formed on a daily basis and the drive, enthusiasm and ambition of businessmen and businesswomen is there for all to see. 

On the other – this is the age of austerity with reluctant investors, banks that won’t lend and a government offering only encouraging words.

So which is correct? From our perspective at Lease Air Conditioning, both are true, There are businesses out there with a vision and the skills to make it happen. But in many instances they are struggling to find the financial backing necessary to realise their dreams.

The good news is that in many instances, Lease Air Conditioning can help help businesses fulfil their potential. To succeed, most businesses need the right products at the right prices in the right environment. Without these three key ingredients, potential customers will go elsewhere. Lease Air Conditioning works hand in hand with Turn Key Air Conditioning – one of the UK’s leading companies in the design, installation and maintenance of heating and air conditioning systems. TKAC clients include shopping centres, hotels, bars & restaurants, retailers, airports and public buildings.

Lease Air Conditioning offers tax efficient lease finance to cover the costs of new build projects and building refurbishments. Lease finance for air conditioning can include design costs, capital expenditure, installation, and maintenance as well as most associated costs of the entire project. Lease finance is 100% tax efficient and uses enhanced capital allowances that can be offset for the duration of the lease finance arrangement.

With lease finance there are no upfront expenses, other lines of credit are protected and there are no hidden charges. Instead there is a simple fixed monthly payment that is unaffected by changes in interest rates. And at the end of the lease hire agreement the ownership of all equipment is transferred to the business for a prearranged and nominal sum. Lease finance for air conditioning can also include a maintenance agreement so there will be no unexpected costs at a later date,

Further information on lease finance for air conditioning can be found at

Commercial, Retail and Industrial Electrical Contractors

TK Lease Finance welcome another branch of the Turn Key family to our website with an article from TK Electrical Ltd.

TK Electrical are a national electrical contractor carrying out electrical design and installation projects all over the UK. TK electricians are NICEIC approved, 17th Edition Certified and accredited Domestic Electrical Installers.

With a strong reputation for design and installation, TK Electrical have an expertise in developing integrated electrical systems for the retail sector. The TK Electrical client list reads like a who’s who of the High Street with many national and notable names thrown in for good measure.

Recently TK Electrical have designed and installed complete electrical systems for new JD Sports stores in London, Solihull and Carlisle. They have installed lighting, emergency lighting, fire alarms, security tagging systems, voice monitoring systems and footfall counters for Lab Sports outlets throughout the UK.

Other projects include providing all electrical systems for Auld’s Bakery Group in Scotland, Philpott’s sandwich shops in Birmingham and Glasgow, Castle Galleries in Manchester, Wolverhampton and London, Brand Fusion in Mansfield and Xtra Accessories in Leeds. TK Electrics have worked in Harrods of London and installed electrical systems for the Science Museum and the National Maritime Museum.

With clients including BUPA / Health Spire Care, TK Electrics have developed emergency on-call systems for nursing and medical staff and for hotel chains they have created energy saving electrical systems linking air conditioning to key card entry.

TK electricians are regularly involved in industrial electrical projects from designing electrical systems for new production plants to installing factory units and machinery. From CCTV to data network cabling, smoke and fire alarms to enhanced lighting, TK Electrical Ltd has a deserved reputation for innovation, professionalism and first class customer service.

For more information check out the TK Electrical page on our website or visit them at