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Plumbers and Heating Engineers in London … and Essex

Everyone has a list of useful telephone numbers. It might be an address book or more likely these days the ‘contacts’ pages of the mobile phone. For most people these numbers will include their GP surgery, car breakdown service, hairdresser and – in many instances – the local pizza delivery place. If you live in London or Essex here’s another useful number – 01277 823648. It belongs to SJB Mechanical & Building Services Ltd. They are plumbers and heating engineers and they work with domestic and commercial customers in the south east of England.

SJB Mechanical is a name you can trust. They are:

  • Gas Safe Registered Engineers – Reg. No. 231342
  • Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineers – Reg. No. 65653
  • Building Services Engineers – Reg. No. 1071171
  • Refcom (Air Conditioning) Installers – Reg. No. 1008463
  • City & Guilds Qualified Mechanical Engineers
  • F-Gas Registered Engineers

SJB is a family run business with years of experience in the industry. Their clients include the Hilton Hotel, the American Embassy, and the Church of England … (other denominations are available).

One of the wonderful things about SJB Mechanical & Building Services is that they can turn their expertise in any direction that involves plumbing and heating. From the installation of air conditioning to the maintenance of domestic boilers SJB have it covered. They can fit underfloor heating into new build projects or retrofit underfloor heating as part of a refurbishment project.

SJB are at the forefront of renewable energy heating systems, regularly installing air source heat pumps, solar powered heating systems or combined monobloc heating systems for multi occupancy buildings.

While prevention is better than cure – and SJB carry out routine maintenance work on heating, air conditioning and plumbing systems across London and Essex – they are also there for the little emergencies … like water coming through the ceiling or the boiler not working.

Put the number in your book: SJB Mechanical & Building Services – 01277 823648 – or visit them at www.sjbmechanical.com.

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Ban on R22 Refrigerants Begins on 1st January 2015

From the 1st January 2015 the use of R22 refrigerants in Air Conditioning Systems will be banned under EU legislation. The EU Ozone Regulation (EU/1005/2009) extends the obligation to to reduce harmful hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC’s) agreed under the Montreal Protocol.

Many businesses have already taken the appropriate measures to replace damaging R22 refrigerants but for those who have yet to act, time is running out.

Turn Key Air Conditioning Partners, Mitsubishi Electric give clear advice on the choices for companies still using R22 HCFC’s.

  • Option One: Do nothing and risk the exposure of site shutdown and/or fines.
  • Option Two: Plan a considered and costed strategy to replace outlawed refrigerants.

It is not all bad news, however. The simple fact is that since the introduction of air conditioning systems using R22 refrigerants back in the early 1990’s there have been great leaps forward in air conditioning technology. Replacement coolants such as R410A are considerably more efficient than existing HCFC’s bringing an immediate cost saving in energy bills. Even without the change in legislation, many existing R22 air conditioning systems are approaching the end of their natural life and would need replacing as a matter of course.

UK Air Conditioning specialists TKAC work closely with their customers to create the most cost effective and energy efficient solution. The three main choices are:

  1. Use a drop-in refrigerant to replace the existing R22. In the short term this can appear to be the cheaper alternative.
  2. Replace the entire air conditioning system including pipework, control and power wiring.
  3. Replace only the indoor and outdoor units.

TKAC are skilled and experienced in the use of drop-in refrigerants as well as full and partial system replacements.

The advantage of lease hire finance for air conditioning means it is possible for companies to take a long term view of their energy costs as well as their heating and air conditioning needs.

The latest air heat inversion technology provides heating and air conditioning that uses the same system. Heat exchange systems have a Coefficient of Performance (CoP) that creates around four times more heat energy than they use. This brings enormous savings in energy bills and complete climate control in the working environment whatever the weather.

For more information on R22 replacement, visit www.tkac.com. And for information on affordable long term financial planning for heating and air conditioning, visit www.leaseairconditioning.co.uk.

Ban on R22 Refrigerants Begins on 1st January 2015