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Carbon Zero Deadline

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green energyNew homes within the UK must be carbon zero ready by 2025, and existing properties must strive for higher energy saving standards. This is a pledge by the government in its efforts to lower carbon emissions. Energy efficient air or ground source heat pumps are the favourite for new houses, or even to replace existing systems.

Christopher Pincher housing minister said: “The radical new standards announced will not only improve the energy efficiency of existing homes and other buildings but will also ensure our new homes are fit for the future, by reducing emissions from new homes by at least 75 per cent. “This will help deliver greener homes and buildings, as well as reducing energy bills for hard-working families and businesses.”

This new type of home is expected to produce around 80% less carbon emissions compared with today’s houses. In preparation for future exacting standards, new builds will have to have 31% lower carbon emissions from 2021. The Federation of Master Builders [FMB] and National Federation of Builders [NFB], however feel this is rather ambitious, and have called for an extension to the deadlines. There would be arrangements in place for a year as a sort of safety net to support developers.

The FMB and NFB both feel that there should be more emphasis on upgrading existing homes, most of which are likely to still be around in 2050. This is the targeted year for zero greenhouse gas emissions in the UK. Many finance lenders are keen to support builders and companies like our associates TK Electrical wishing to carry out green retrofit projects. The government is also eager to see higher ventilation in places such as offices and gyms. This is to limit the spread of bacteria and infections, which is as we all know extremely important.

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