Turn Key Air Conditioning: Lease Finance

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Fully Functioning HVAC Systems

Lease Hire for Property Developers, New Businesses, Consulting Engineers & Architects Whether it’s within your own home, or in commercial premises, maintaining a clean and well controlled environment is important for a number of reasons. A high functioning ventilation system is crucial for the health of everyone in the area, as well as limiting damage […]

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Purpose Built Refrigeration

Air Conditioning Lease Finance, Energy Efficient Air Source Heat Pumps, Heating Systems A fridge that stores medicines and vaccines needs to be exceptionally reliable in order to avoid wasted stock, which can be incredibly expensive. The temperature of these medical storage spaces must not deviate from the recommended minimum or maximum. If this occurs, stock […]

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The Future is Green

Fixed Lease Payments for Air Conditioning Systems, 100% Tax Allowable, Affordable HVAC Mitsubishi Electric has always been at the forefront of technology, especially where a green solution was needed. Their latest breakthrough is no less of an accomplishment, as they launched the first viable refrigerant alternative. They announced a new range of products with the […]

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Regeneration signals big changes for Barnet

Regeneration Projects, Housing & Building in Barnet, Improved Infrastructure, Energy Efficient Designs & Green Technology Barnet council are getting new offices covering 90,000 square feet which will reportedly save £1 million per year on running costs. The new offices based on Bristol Avenue, will place the council at the centre of one of it’s flagship […]

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Should You Skip Your HVAC System?

Lease Finance for Air Conditioning, Heating & Ventilation Systems, 100% Tax Efficient, Advanced HVAC Systems It is a fact that the budget for many building projects often has to be reassessed, and where there is a chance that the scheme will run over budget, cuts are usually inevitable. Something which is frequently cropped from the […]

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Cost Effective Green Heating Solutions

Air Conditioning Lease Finance, Energy Efficient Air Source Heat Pumps, Heating Systems As people everywhere are waking up to the concept of free energy with air source heat pump technology, we explore the advantages. These low carbon, energy efficient systems are steadily replacing traditional fuel sources such as solid fuel, gas and oil boilers. Installing […]

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Custom Dust and Fume Extraction and Control Products and Services

Dust & Fume Extraction & Control Specialists, Consultancy, LEV Testing, Filter Bag Range Effective dust and fume extraction are essential within any work environment which produces dust and fumes such as the automotive industry, processing plants, the pharmaceutical sector and offshore environments. As airborne dust and fumes can have a detrimental effect on health, it […]

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High Quality Metal Cutting and Fabrication Specialists

Laser Cutting, Waterjet Cutting, Sheet Metal Fabrication & Bespoke Dust Extractors in Tyne & Wear   The process of metal fabrication traditionally involved milling, machining and guillotining, all methods which were often time consuming, less precise and not so cost effective. The search for an efficient alternative gave rise to the discovery of laser cutting […]

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Plumbers and Heating Engineers in London … and Essex

Everyone has a list of useful telephone numbers. It might be an address book or more likely these days the ‘contacts’ pages of the mobile phone. For most people these numbers will include their GP surgery, car breakdown service, hairdresser and – in many instances – the local pizza delivery place. If you live in […]

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Energy Efficient Home Improvements – Air Source Heat Pumps

Multi Building Services Ltd have over 30 years experience of renovating, refurbishing, extending and building new homes in Essex. They are a concept to completion builder with all the skills available in-house. Expert bricklayers, plasterers, electricians and plumbers are always on hand so there is never the need for expensive subcontractors and all the advantages […]

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