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projectsSpecialists who work within the processing plant sector like Brookshaw Stuart, have to be up for a challenge on a regular basis! The very nature of this type of construction, means that compromises are often essential. As productivity must not be disturbed, work usually needs to be carried out around fully functional day to day processes. This can be tricky, but with a bit of forethought, some knowledge and loads of experience Brookshaw manage to overcome challenges. They have on occasion had to wear more than one hat, for instance one project required them as principle contractors, to carry out their work, while managing other trades.

While installing a Kahl Pelleting Plant for Biofuel Cambridge, a number of tasks included installation of a BRT Bunker. The bunker was meant to be delivered in two parts, but came as a whole. This required a tandem crane to lift the 8 tonne, 123 metre high bunker into position. Height restrictions of the building and elevators made the process extremely difficult, but Brookshaw quickly sourced a second crane and started problem solving. Using innovative methods, Brookshaw managed to install the equipment safely and on time, and the plant carried on working throughout. An incident free solution with each job is what Brookshaw strive for, and they have a great record of achieving this. They work in the midst of busy, hands on facilities, yet must keep a low profile.

The Blue Star project, saw a renewal of circular dryers used in the production of aircraft seating. Extreme care was required due to the particularly flammable nature of the material. Daily checks were carried out by a fire crew to ensure no flammable and hazardous material remained before the task began. Some measures can slow down the progress of procedures, but this isn’t a problem for Brookshaw Stuart if it means the safety of all concerned.

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