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Environmentally Friendly Air Conditioning – R22 Replacement

Turn Key Air Conditioning is one of the UK’s leading air conditioning & heating design, installation and maintenance specialists. TKAC work with with industrial, commercial and public organisations providing energy efficient air conditioning and heating systems using the latest innovations in environmentally friendly technology.

R22 refrigerants (chlorodifluoromethane or difluoromonochloromethane) are types of gases known as hydrochlorofluorocarbons – or HCFC’s. HCFC’s were introduced in the 1990’s as an alternative to the ozone-depleting CFC gases that had previously been used in refrigeration systems. Although HCFC’s were an improvement on the CFC’s, over time and used in large quantities they are still harmful to the environment. In 2010, the EU along with many developed nations, banned the use of HCFC’s such as R22 in new air conditioning and refrigeration systems with a view to replacing all existing R22 air conditioning units by 2015.

With the 2015 deadline fast approaching, TKAC continue to work with many existing and new clients in the replacement of R22 with environmentally friendly and energy efficient R410A refrigerants.

TK Air Conditioning use Replace Technology from Mitsubishi Electric for several important reasons.

With Replace Technology all the existing air conditioning pipework, electrical and communication systems remain in place and only the outdoor and indoor air conditioning cassettes need to be replaced. This reduces costs and minimises unnecessary disruption. Even with a large scale air conditioning system this can usually be done over a quiet weekend.

The outdoor VRF units have an integrated flushing function which enables the R410A to flush out all of the mineral oil residue from the old system. After the thorough flush through, the system will recommence operation easily and efficiently.

Replace Technology can be used for air conditioning systems made by other manufacturers enabling such systems to be replaced with the highly efficient Mitsubishi Electric units.

By adding a Mitsubishi Electric Inverter, R410A refrigerants can also be used for heating as well as air conditioning and with an energy efficiency rating of ‘A’, replacing R22 with environmentally friendly R410A can bring savings of around 50% on energy costs.

For more information visit www.tkac.co.uk.

Environmentally Friendly Air Conditioning – R22 Replacement

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