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Lease Finance Your Air Conditioning

Here are some of the questions we are frequently asked regarding the leasing of air conditioning equipment.

Q) Can we claim the VAT?
A) If you are VAT Registered you will be able to claim VATLease Finance Your Air Conditioning on each rental.

Q) What happens when the lease expires?
A) The title of the equipment will revert to TKAC who provide an option to purchase at an agreed value.

Q) How do we pay?
A) You can pay monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually by direct debit.

Q) What is the APR?
A) This is not applicable as the agreement is a hire agreement and not a purchase. Consequently this attracts 100% tax allowances.

Q) Do I need to insure the equipment?
A) Yes. When your contract has been activated an insurance cover will be offered, alternatively you can provide us with the details of your insurance company/brokers to confirm the items are covered.

Q) Who is responsible for maintenance and service?
A) The Hirer. Arrangements can be made with the supplier or you could take the opportunity to complete our maintenance inclusive contract.

Q) When do I start paying and can I cancel?
A) The initial rental and documentation fee will be collected upon delivery/installation of the equipment. The agreement can be terminated at anytime by requesting a settlement figure.

Q) What are my upfront costs?
A) The only costs would be the initial rental and the documentation fee. Subject to credit.

Q) Is leasing equipment similar to leasing a car?
A) It is a similar concept. You pay for the equipment as you use it. It also gives you the flexibility to upgrade during the contract to a more current model.

Q) Do Air Source Heat Pumps qualify for lease purchase?
A) Yes. You can include Air Source Heat Pumps as a lease purchase.

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