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Whether it’s within your own home, or in commercial premises, maintaining a clean and well controlled environment is important for a number of reasons. A high functioning ventilation system is crucial for the health of everyone in the area, as well as limiting damage to the building itself.

Commercial properties of course need a more high performance ventilation solution, as for instance in a hotel kitchen, heat gets pretty intense and there is not much let up! The resulting heat, smoke and grease produced in a busy kitchen can have several negative effects.

Improving air quality is a major priority where large amounts of people frequent including hotels, airport lounges, stores etc. It is something most people will not be aware of until it malfunctions, and stale air makes its presence known. Stale air can arise from cooking smells, bathroom odours, and where the ventilation system is failing, dampness. This is an uncomfortable and undesirable way to live, let alone the risk of respiratory problems and bacteria transfer.

We all strive to live in a tightly sealed envelope these days, meaning a thermally efficient environment with no draughts. But there is then the issue of condensation, which can cause problems like mould growth and peeling wallpaper. Condensation can even encourage the beginnings of structural damage!

Mildew, mould and even mites thrive in high humidity surroundings, and in particular black mould is one to watch out for. Black mould can damage certain bodily functions such as respiratory systems, mental faculties and circulation. Humidity can also lead to eczema, damage to the nervous system and even cancer. Worryingly, a study in the UK found that new houses were being compliant when it came to insulation and airtightness, but were sadly lacking when it came to air flow and ventilation.

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