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TRUMPF3050The process of metal fabrication traditionally involved milling, machining and guillotining, all methods which were often time consuming, less precise and not so cost effective. The search for an efficient alternative gave rise to the discovery of laser cutting technology. Utilising lasers to cut metal has changed the face of sheet metal fabrication. Exceptionally precise, this form of metal cutting has affected metal component production across the board. Applications are limitless and include vehicle parts, metal signs and lettering, machinery, equipment, doors and steel desks.

Our web promotion partners Unicorn Sheet Metal Works, are highly skilled in laser cutting, waterjet cutting and all other forms of metal fabrication. Unicorn have an enviable reputation in the industry and pride themselves on providing an expertly tailored solution for each customer. With a finger on the pulse awareness of current developments within the area of metal fabrication, and 30 years experience, Unicorn invest in only the highest performing technology around. This is demonstrated by their acquisition of machinery such as the TRUMPF laser cutting machine. This innovative cutting equipment is widely preferred for applications and end users demanding exact specifications such as for example the medical and manufacturing sector. TRUMPF laser cutting machines are outstandingly accurate and perform sheet metal punching, bending, forming and laser processing.

Unicorn Sheet Metal Works, are British Standard Code Welders offering expert mig and tig welding of aluminium and mild and stainless steel. They are proud to provide their excellent services to clients like the merchant and Royal Navy, the military, aviation and the oil and automotive industries.

The high quality range Unimatic dust collection units, demonstrates their expertise, along with their commitment to an extremely fast turn around on bespoke products. Most companies offering a similar service, quote 12 weeks for a custom product whereas Unicorn can offer a turn around of 4 to 6 weeks on their dust extraction units! Quality, functionality, reliability and a versatile dust extraction solution describe these products to a tee.

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