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How Important is Cleaning Refrigeration Units?

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RefrigerationIf we have learned anything in the last several months it’s that effective cleaning is essential! This includes frequent and scrupulous washing and sanitising of hands, reusable masks, surfaces and floors. The spread of Covid-19 is also hindered by the use of highly efficient refrigeration. This is helpful in many areas such as within the medical and retail sectors. Proper refrigeration means food as well as pharmaceutical items last longer and are safe to use. This fact is emphasised by organisations such as the International Institute of Refrigeration [IIR], who promote the importance of the refrigeration industry wherever possible.

Prevention is of course a buzzword lately, and everyone must surely be aware of the importance of cleanliness. Refrigeration contractors have reported increased customer interest in cleaning and maintenance of their products. It isn’t difficult to keep your refrigeration units, cabinets etc running smoothly and safely, even if they are being handled multiple times a day.

This unwelcome virus can survive for up to nine days on surfaces like metal, plastic and glass. This means frequent disinfecting of handles and doors throughout the day, making sure to use food safe detergents and cleaners. Have sanitizer hand gel available near units also for customers to use.

Monthly deep cleaning is advised, this is a given generally, as commercial fridges and freezers can quickly breed bacteria if not maintained properly. Bacteria growth in food, in certain conditions, can double every ten minutes quickly presenting a hazard. The equipment’s condenser should be prevented from becoming blocked, to allow optimal airflow. This will also help to avoid overheating, breakdown and food spoilage, along with higher fuel bills.

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