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Industries Shocked by Scrapping of Green Homes Grant Scheme

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Green HomesLarge parts of the heating sector along with the wider building sector have expressed dismay at the government’s decision to scrap its Green Homes Grant (GHG). The scheme was only active for 6 months, and it was originally announced that as there were problems, it would be extended until 2022. Shortly after this it was scrapped!

The scheme was intended to reach 600,000 homes, improving insulation and installing energy saving products. However, just 10% of these homes actually benefited, and of the 96,000 applications made, only a third were successful. The applications included 6000 for heat pumps, yet only 1758 were issued with the vouchers. Unused money that was allocated to the scheme, will now be used by local authorities for programmes targeting lower income households.

The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA). Says it was “disappointed by this short-sighted decision.” CEO of BESA, David Frise said: “The government has a very strange way of trying to gain the support, confidence and financial investment of the construction and building engineering companies it needs to deliver a greener built environment, “If it tries to launch another scheme in the future that requires employers in our sector to invest hard-earned money and precious time in people and equipment, what answer does it expect to receive?”

Many feel that the government’s decision could seriously undermine its entire decarbonisation strategy. Also there are now concerns that future government initiatives would be viewed with suspicion by those expected to get involved. It’s not looking good for the 2050 net zero emissions target. The Federation of Master Builders (FMB), Chief executive Brian Berry says: “The misguided scrapping of the Green Homes Grant scheme sends entirely the wrong message to consumers and builders, and will harm the UK’s desire to be seen as a global leader in tackling climate change.”

Reputable Heating and plumbing engineers such as SJP Building Services, will still continue to offer energy efficient solutions to their customers whatever transpires.

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