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Lease Finance Arrangements For New Build Commercial Properties

Anybody who reads the papers or watches the news can’t fail to notice two competing views of the UK in 2013.

On the one hand we are told the UK is becoming a nation of entrepreneurs. New businesses are formed on a daily basis and the drive, enthusiasm and ambition of businessmen and businesswomen is there for all to see. 

On the other – this is the age of austerity with reluctant investors, banks that won’t lend and a government offering only encouraging words.

So which is correct? From our perspective at Lease Air Conditioning, both are true, There are businesses out there with a vision and the skills to make it happen. But in many instances they are struggling to find the financial backing necessary to realise their dreams.

The good news is that in many instances, Lease Air Conditioning can help help businesses fulfil their potential. To succeed, most businesses need the right products at the right prices in the right environment. Without these three key ingredients, potential customers will go elsewhere. Lease Air Conditioning works hand in hand with Turn Key Air Conditioning – one of the UK’s leading companies in the design, installation and maintenance of heating and air conditioning systems. TKAC clients include shopping centres, hotels, bars & restaurants, retailers, airports and public buildings.

Lease Air Conditioning offers tax efficient lease finance to cover the costs of new build projects and building refurbishments. Lease finance for air conditioning can include design costs, capital expenditure, installation, and maintenance as well as most associated costs of the entire project. Lease finance is 100% tax efficient and uses enhanced capital allowances that can be offset for the duration of the lease finance arrangement.

With lease finance there are no upfront expenses, other lines of credit are protected and there are no hidden charges. Instead there is a simple fixed monthly payment that is unaffected by changes in interest rates. And at the end of the lease hire agreement the ownership of all equipment is transferred to the business for a prearranged and nominal sum. Lease finance for air conditioning can also include a maintenance agreement so there will be no unexpected costs at a later date,

Further information on lease finance for air conditioning can be found at www.leaseaircondtioning.co.uk.

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