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Migration to Digital Tools is Essential for HVAC

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Digital ToolsInformation and precise detail are now being provided for chiller plants and air handling units by a new innovation called ‘Daikin on Site’. This remote monitoring tool, allows plant owners to stay ahead of the game, and avoid unnecessary costs due to breakdowns etc. This is achieved by being alerted in good time, and taking preventative action. Manufacturers Daikin are frequently at the forefront of advances in HVAC technology, and this new development no exception. With 24/7, year round, real time data, Daikin tracks the behaviour of units and components. It monitors their performance to ensure correct functionality, and creates periodical reports with in-depth analysis.

Digital tools play a major role in our everyday lives, HVAC systems are an example of this, being a fundamental digital tool. Governments have been forced to restrict social and economic activities in order to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Digital migration has been a consequence of these restrictions, as it was the only option for many. Staying safe and social distancing, much of the time has meant only socialising or meeting for business online.

As a consequence of these adjustments, many companies and organisations are reviewing their approach to working styles. They are transforming the way they do things to include allowing employees to work from home, and schools are embracing the concept of e-learning. Daikin has been selected as Digital Transformation (DX) Brand 2020 by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The DX brand recognises companies who improve their products and services using digital technologies.

Daikin has invested many years of work towards the digital transformation, and is the only sector player to produce a cutting edge solution. Daikin on Site [DoS] has been a valuable force, particularly during quarantine and the emphasis on staying safe. The ground breaking technology made remote monitoring, controlling and analysing of HVAC systems, without visiting the area possible.


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