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Should You Skip Your HVAC System?

Lease Finance for Air Conditioning, Heating & Ventilation Systems, 100% Tax Efficient, Advanced HVAC Systems

image by Sue GordonIt is a fact that the budget for many building projects often has to be reassessed, and where there is a chance that the scheme will run over budget, cuts are usually inevitable. Something which is frequently cropped from the original plan is the air conditioning system, as it is deemed pricey and can, at a push, be excluded.

According to The Carbon Trust, good air conditioning and ventilation is essential for a number of reasons which relate to both health of occupants and protection of the building it is installed in. Governments and health organisations worldwide have pledged to tackle the growing problem of inferior air quality, and those who have researched the problem confirm the need for efficient and highly functional heating, ventilation and air conditioning [HVAC] systems. High performance systems of this kind go a long way towards providing an energy efficient solution while reducing expense and the carbon footprint of any buildings featuring these HVAC installations.

Technically advanced HVAC thermostats and controls are seen as the way to progress and Home Energy Management Systems [HEMS] represent a smart solution. These software systems use cloud computing, data analytics and device interconnectivity to give excellent performance and save money. Improved controls such as smart sensors, meters, thermostats and lighting controllers are responsible for the popularity of these systems. They are also the reason that many countries are introducing legislation to promote HEMS as a priority.

There is little doubt that air conditioning systems are a wise addition and should be incorporated into any new build or refurbishment, but what about that budget?

It is possible for business owners and organisations to spread the cost of their heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems by taking advantage of lease finance. Turn Key Air Conditioning Ltd, offer 100% tax efficient purchase of HVAC systems. You can offset both the capital and interest of your system against tax for the whole period of the lease, with the payments deducted as a trading expense. On completion of the contract, the equipment is transferred to the client for a nominal fee.

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