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Heating OilIt will inevitably begin to get cooler out there soon, so make sure you are prepared to keep your house toasty warm throughout this winter. The price of home heating oil has been extremely low for some time now, but it won’t go on indefinitely. People who use this form of fuel traditionally stock up when the price is lower, usually during the summer. It’s a good idea to share your purchase with a neighbour or friend living locally, which also splits the delivery price. Running out of home heating oil in the winter months is not a great idea, as the price will probably be higher at this time.

Top ways to stay warm and keep your home snug over winter include:

  • Order your heating oil delivery online from Finlay Fuels
  • Check that your boiler, pipes, walls and loft are properly insulated
  • Keep heating on low frequently to prevent water freezing in pipes
  • Make sure that gutters and drains are clear to avoid blockages, leaks and water overflow
  • Check windows and doors to ensure the home is draught-proof

There are approximately 4 million homes not connected to the mains gas network in the UK, and about a million of those use oil for their central heating system. Oil central heating is called a ‘wet’ system, where an oil-fired boiler heats water, and pumps it through radiators and hot water taps, similar to a gas boiler. Choices include an oil-fired, heat-only system, or a combi boiler for water and heat. Combi boilers store domestic hot water internally, rather than heating it on demand.

Gas and oil boilers differ in that whereas gas is piped directly to your home via the mains, oil has to be physically delivered to a tank. These tanks must be looked after, checked for damage and secured against theft.

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