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Mitsubishi Electric has always been at the forefront of technology, especially where a green solution was needed. Their latest breakthrough is no less of an accomplishment, as they launched the first viable refrigerant alternative. They announced a new range of products with the City Multi Hybrid VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow), which delivers all of the advantages of VRF air conditioning in R32 format. This innovation offers lower global warming potential [GWP] than other similar systems currently being used.

Product Marketing Manager for Mitsubishi’s air conditioning systems, Mark Grayston said “There have already been over 500 Hybrid VRF systems installed across Europe since we launched five years ago and we believe this R32 version will increase the market share for this unique VRF solution. Not only can Hybrid VRF help remove the need for leak detection, this R32 version delivers the low GWP benefits that customers are now searching for.”

While wishing to comply with government legislation regarding F-Gas reduction and control, the construction industry has faced challenges in delivering operationally efficient systems. An acceptable solution that has the required performance and ticks all the boxes, has been difficult to formulate until now. The newly adopted refrigerant R32 has an extremely reduced GWP of 675, which is two thirds less than R410A with a GWP of 2,088. Plus, up until now, air conditioning manufacturers have been unable to introduce a solution for large VRF systems within the UK.

Mark Grayston added “We already have split air conditioning models on R32 and have introduced Hybrid VRF so that customers have a complete range of R32 solutions regardless of the building or situation. Coupled with this is the rapid price rises of R410A month by month which places a strain on traditional VRF systems so we want to ensure that both customers and installers not only have an alternative, but also get the added benefit of increased performance and advanced controls.”

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