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Most of us enjoy the sunshine, and love being out of doors during the summer, some chase the sun to other countries. We can never guarantee our changeable weather in the UK, but one thing that most experts agree on is that due to climate change, it will definitely get hotter! This may be good news to some, unless of course you’re stuck in a stuffy office or a traffic queue. That’s not all, a significant warming up could actually spell danger for those who are elderly or very young.

We can’t cope with extremes of weather in this country, and are generally used to a little too hot or a little too cold. When the weather is more dramatic, we see hose pipe bans and public transport disruption. When we experience heat waves, which is occurring more and more frequently, there are serious health considerations. In fact they can be fatal in some cases, as pointed out by a recent ministerial report. In the report, the government was urged to put measures in place that will prevent a rise in deaths caused by extremely hot weather. The findings state that deaths related to persistent heat could see a significant increase by 2050.

These actions include help and advice for home owners, hospitals, care homes and offices. Experts predict there is a high likelihood that air conditioners will become as common in the home as heating systems. This is seen as a positive step in preparation for a change in weather conditions. Friederike Otto, Deputy director at the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University, said “We will have to get used to these kinds of summers, There is no doubt that there is a link to climate change. We need to take heat waves seriously around the world as something that we need to adapt to.’

HVAC specialists like CSM Installations, can advise on the ideal air conditioning system for your needs, whether it’s for the office or your home. They have successfully completed a range of air conditioning projects. These include installations for luxury apartments, family homes, salons and a London underground station. Visit their website for more information.

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