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Turn Key Air Conditioning are one of the leading lights in the design, installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems. TKAC have a strong history in the industry and one of the things we soon discovered – and something that has become more noticeable since the credit crunch – is the affect a lack of finance can have on a company’s business plans. Without credit and without finance many companies are forced to find compromises and cut corners, not quite creating the organisation and structure they had planned. And yet making savings in the short term can lead to greater costs in the long term.

Turn Key Air Conditioning work with architects, planning officials and building designers to create cost effective and energy efficient air conditioning systems. As a general rule it is cheaper and easier to incorporate air conditioning from the outset than to retro-fit at a later date. If a business knows that air conditioning is important to the success of the venture then it is a false economy to delay the decision. In a competitive market where attracting and keeping customers is the name of the game, air conditioning creates the right atmosphere in hotels and restaurants, shops, galleries and public buildings.

TKAC have teamed up with Meridian CHG Leasing to offer lease finance options for air conditioning. Lease finance has many benefits. Lease finance is tax effective and the whole cost of air conditioning, including maintenance, can be offset against tax. With lease purchase, air conditioning can take full advantage of Enhanced Capital Allowances. Lease finance allows the full cost of air conditioning, including design fees and architects costs, to be included, reducing capital expenditure at a time when cash flow can be critical. Lease finance arrangements bring in fixed costs, unaffected by interest rate fluctuation, and give businesses the opportunity to plan ahead.

For further information on lease finance and lease purchase for air conditioning check out our website at www.leaseairconditioning.co.uk.

Keep an eye on the blog for the latest news in lease hire options for air conditioning.


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